Online betting apps and sites are gaining popularity these days because of the convenience it gives to all the users. It helps them save transportation fees and time and still could provide the same experience of fun and thrill, and it  is not only limited to that because these online gaming houses are upgrading their game. They offer various user-centric features like free credits to retain their patrons and attract new players in trying their games by giving them the advantage to win without spending a single penny. Below are just some of the freebies that no player can refuse.

5 Types of Free Credits

            There are at least 5 types of free credits that online game  operators  offer to the public. Each of this comes in different bundles offered at different time with withdrawal option in relation to the terms and conditions and  gaming policy. So, it is advisable to read these gaming terms before proceeding to the game.

  • Sing Up Bonus

These refer to pro bono offers that gives the players pocket money as soon as they registered in the game. This free money will allow the gamers to play without depositing some cash. It also allow them to withdraw their winning when certain quota is met which is usually stipulated in the terms and conditions.

  • Free Spins

Free spins are given anytime of the day and most of the time it comes by 5 or 10. Each of this spin has corresponding value in which it is automatically accounted to the user’s bank roll or play money. However, it is also under in certain conditions in order for it to be withdrawn.

  • No Deposit Bonus

This offer comes along with a welcome bonus. For this, the player is given another set of play money which can be staked. The same rules apply with other bonuses. It can only be withdrawn when the player has waged his own money in addition to the bonus.

  • Monthly Deposit Bonus

Monthly bonuses act as a reward for players who play constantly. It is solely based on their gaming habits as the system tracks their gameplay. These accumulated bonuses will grow bigger in time as they play which is a good game marketing strategy for the game operators in keeping their valuable players.

  • Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty rewards are usually given to players  who have played long term in the game, especially the big spenders. The system rewards their patrons as a token of appreciation for staying in the game despite of other competitions. This kind of bonuses gives a sense of belongingness and gratefulness towards the  loyal players.

How does Free Credits benefit the players and game operators?

For the players, it gives free money and fun without a cost. It also aids them in polishing their gaming strategy so that when they want to get serious with their earnings they can play well at their advantage. For the  game operators, it helps them double up their revenues by enticing new players  and retaining  their patrons through it. The best example for this type of bonuses is Jili ฟรีเครดิต (free credits).

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