Currently, two games are dominating in the betting arena namely slots and fish shooting games. The former is an old game that has been with humanity for almost 13 decades since it was invented while the latter was created 16 years ago. These games are arcade type that never runs out of players both in land-based and online casinos. Over the years, these games never lose their popularity as they are continuously improved by game developers all around the world. Hence, a lot of varieties were made and launched in the market.


            Slots are originally operated mechanically by reels and lever which is activated through inserting a coin. But as the years went by, it was improved and even made it through online with better chances of winning. Right now, international players flocked into this game since everyone can win or lose in a bet equally through an employed algorithm called Random Number Generator (RNG) that ensures the outcome of the game is purely random.

There are two types of slots: fixed and adjustable. Fixed slots favor more the winning chance of players since everyone can still take home some winnings since every pay line is part of the total wage. The losing chance is only possible if the player bets on an adjustable type of slot. This happens because the number of pay lines a player can bet on is solely based on the player’s choice and betting budget. If the players have a limited budget, then the number of pay lines that can be betted on is also limited. So, if a slot has 20 pay lines and he is only able to bet only to a few, the chance of winning gets slimmer. Comparing the two, fixed slots are better than adjustable slots in terms of winning chances. But if the player is on a tight budget, the adjustable type of slots is still profitable.

Fish Shooting Games

            Fish shooting games are a fusion of betting and video gaming that took China by storm when it was released in their casinos last 2005. It made slots quite unpopular because it utilizes sharp graphics that entice the eyes of the players along with the use of entrancing background music. Apart from that, it differs from the slots that rely purely on chances. Fish shooting games are solely dependent on the skills of the players which makes it more challenging and thrilling to play. The algorithm that governs the killing rate of fishes of various types adds more challenges to it. The type of ammunition also affects the winning rate of the players as well as their earnings.

Advantage of Online Betting Games

            Aside from the convenience it provides, online betting games have more to offer, and these are free credits. Free credits are given particularly to new players who are just starting in the game wherein they can try any games they want without involving real money. For Thai players, this type of game is available in Jili เครดิตฟรี.

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